Wednesday, July 27, 2005

...and she's back!

Back from three lovely weeks in Southeast Asia.

We saw a lot of really cool places and people and ate a lot of yummy food. The weather was only brutally hot a couple of days, so that was good.

Good Stuff:
Saw Angkor Wat at sunrise -- our awesome guide in AW who was very good at selecting times to visit temples when they weren't over run by tourists.

Increased my "merit" by rising at 4:30am in Luang Prabang and giving alms to Buddhist monks

Air conditioning at all hotels

Cool souveniers, including a custom made silk jacket. (and I flexed my bargaining skills all over the place!)

Food in Vietnam -- yummy, though we ate at fairly sanitized places most of the time. Never got traveler's tummy, which says to me that we played it a little too safe and probably missed out on some really good food.

The sticky rice in Lao -- if you've been, you know what I'm talking about. Its served in these cute baskets & you grab up a clump of it, and dip it in the food you are eating. so so good.

Lots of stuff that I am sure I am forgetting. Must review my travel journal for more.

Coming home to the kitties

Bad Stuff:
Weather was totally brutal on some days -- no clouds in the sky, sun beating down, huge humidity factor and no breeze to speak of (plus, stupidness in itinerary planning so we were walking around at the hottest part of the day)

Wearing 100% Deet in Siem Reap to ward off Dengue Fever due to recent outbreak in area -- very nasty to the skin

Dehydration factor

I was way, way, way overly ambitious about how much knitting I'd get done. Took three projects totally about 10 skeins. Got through part of one of the front panels for Kyoto, using about 1 skein of yarn. Ha ha ha.

Our new baby camera was dropped and BROKE!! :( (But at least it happened on the second to last day of the trip)

Coming home to the kitties -- because one had diarrhea attack in the last 24 hours before we got home (when there was no cat sitter in the house) so we spent first jet lagged hour home cleaning up cat poop from the cat and the carpet.

Brought home cold from Vietnam

Realizing I have to start the job search again.


  • I can't wait to see the pictures.
    You didn't miss anything here...

    By Anonymous SFKnitter, at 9:47 AM  

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