Friday, August 26, 2005

Sick Kitty Gets Mail

So, my poor kitty Frances has been struggling with bladder issues since we got back from Southeast Asia. She's been on two rounds of antibiotics, but a week after finishing the course, she's back to rushing back and forth to the litter box and piddling on the bathroom floor.

So I took her back to the vet again where they drew a sample of urine -- involving sticking her with a big needle -- she was NOT happy about this. The yowls were heard round the world.

Turns out the sample showed no infection, so she is on a drug which reduces inflammation of the urinary tract for 20 days. If she has problems after that, it may be that she has a bladder stone, so I am holding my breath that that isn't the case.

Anyway, on Saturday, a get well card arrives from the vet's office. So totally sweet. We happened to run into the vet on Sunday at Jupiter & I thanked him for the card (though I suspect that one of the vet techs initiated the gesture).

I made a photo card with a bubble coming out of her mouth that says "Thank you for the card" & need to take it by the office today. I keep meaning to make cookies too, but suppose that store-bought will have to do.

Tomorrow we are having friends for dinner, so I am going to spend the day cooking & attempting not to stress out about the job hunt.

Had a good second interview on Monday, but don't know what's going on with that time frame. I think I am going to call & ask the guy to call me back -- maybe if I don't leave specifics on his machine, he'll actually get back to me. Also had a good conversation with a senior-level person at another company. She is going to do some internal scouting for me -- hurrah! It would be really nice if something happened at that company.

Also got a rejection postcard from another interview -- I had suspected that I was going nowhere with this job, but had checked in with the woman this week. She gave me these really vague answers & I just question why she just didn't tell me over the phone that I wasn't what they were looking for. Kind of lame.


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