Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hee-Ah! Take that, Christmas!

Bought my last gift today, started mailing Christmas cards & mailed off the one present I need to mail.

We send a gift to Mr. CTK's niece. Not his sister or BIL. That's fine by me, since that is the way it evolved. (Niece probably wouldn't get anything unless I initiated the gift buying process.) For a while they didn't send us anything. Now we get Harry and David corporate fruit gifts. I adore his sister, but her gift selection skills are kind of odd. Even Mr. CTK thinks so. I guess she is giving us something that she would be happy to receive.

But let me just say, thank heavens for corporate FedEx rates!! I got 2 day FedEx shipping for less than $7 and no cursed post office lines to stand in. Our mailroom lets you write a personal check & send out whatever you want using the corporate rates.

Washed my mom's Sitcom Chic last night. Just a few more ends to weave in & then steaming of the front edges to determine whether I need to sew on ribbon, adding of the button loop and button.

I finished a little hat for a friend's baby too. It came out really cute -- one of those mistakes (running out of yarn) that was resolved with creative stash usage. And it gave me an excuse to buy a pompom maker (aside: why is it sometimes spelled pom-poN??) Photos soon.

Now I gotta figure out what project to start next - the Knitty surprise pumpkins, or Sweet Mary Jane from Knitpicks. Of course, the SMJ would give me the need to finally use my fancy new swift and ball winder, so that will probably win out!


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