Monday, December 12, 2005

Yorick, felted, Sitcom Chic, progress!

Yorick is drying out as we speak -- it was a rough couple of days ;). I threw caution to the wind and felted it all in the washing machine as I couldn't face the hand felting portion. I am happy with the way he came out -- photos coming soon.

Sitcom Chic was also progressed upon. I picked up and knit the two side borders, which was quite easy, considering how I'd been stalling around on it. So, tonight I will try to finish the neck border and the evil underarm seams (where mistakes will need to be corrected as best as possible). Then a wash, a blocking and a purchasing of the correct size crochet hook and a cool button. I also have two little holes in the left front panel, so I am going to untwist a bit of yarn & sew them up with 1-ply.

Oh, and I have to sew in my custom label.

In the post that was lost, I told you how I swatched for baby's first tattoo, which will be done w/out tattoos. I used Art Fibers yarn in a pretty (and I think, unisex) green and the border will be in brown. It is of course, handwash, so I'm sure the intended recipient will barf all over it 5 minutes after it is first put on. Anyway, I washed the swatch so I can check gauge one last time before casting on.

We got our Christmas tree on Sunday! Hopefully, Mr. CTK will have put the lights on, so we can decorate tonight. We have new ornaments from our SEA trip this year, and an earlier trip to Disneyland (in January). On our honeymoon, we started a tradition of getting ourselves ornaments from the trips we take together. Makes a nice souvenier & you can usually find something that works. Our Vietnam ornament is actually a pendant necklace, but I am going to swap out the cord for something shorter.

My final bit of news: I signed up for Secret Pal Seven today, and even successfully installed the button on the first try!! Check it out below.


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