Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stinky sweat yoga class

So I went to my first yoga class in the stinky hot studio. I did not pass out (good) but I did sweat up a storm. I came home and shucked off my clothes and they looked as though I'd just pulled them out of the washer, they were so wet. I wore long tights and a tank top -- most other people were wearing decidedly less, but I really don't think it matters one bit. At least my sweaty clothes provide me with some traction for some of the poses.

and I know this is really bad, but I came home and weighed myself & was down 2 pounds from this morning. I was just sort of curious, but I know it is totally unrealistic to have lost any real weight & a few glasses of water will put it right back on.

But, I now have that exercise self-righteousness feeling, which is always good. That means I can spend the rest of the day goofing off. No, not really. I have to write thank you notes for the gifts I received for graduation & get ready to go to a networking-meeting thing tonight.

But, as promised, I need to add something about knitting. I learned to knit in February, and made one rather ugly scarf, but I can never get rid of it because you can actually see the exact moment my brain finally got it. Then I was off and running on a multitude of projects: a hat, several more scarves, the Saucy Tote from SnB Nation. Then I got really brave and designed a bag myself that was based on the Saucy Tote. A friend of mine runs a club in SF every 2nd Friday, and part of the gimick is that she passes out a different candy every hour, so I made her a candy bag (which, if I can get over my lameness, I will post in here). I just finished Tempting from, but haven't taken a picture of it yet. I bought the ribbon for the eyelets, but didn't like the color, so I need to get something else.

Now I am working on Letter Have It from SnB nation for my niece.

Alright, I am so lame that I cannot figure out how to access my Hello account to get to where the pictures are. How lame and annoying is that? When I go back to Hello, there should be a link that says, "Hey, Idiot, OVER HERE!!" or something.

ETA: Oh, ha ha. I forgot it wasn't like shutterfly & you actually have to open the program on your computer.


  • I just dropped by to read your blog and say hello.

    Kevin Perry
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