Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh yeah, about the knitting

I have two projects going right now -- Kyoto is finished except for the blocking and seaming and I started the SnB Nation bunny hat to have a small project on the plane. I should finish up the hat portion this evening, and then will have the I-cord, ears and face embroidery left.

Pictures of WIP coming later today, after my call about job details (Wheee!).

My knitting may slow up a bit since I have had several reserved books from the library all come up at the same time. So, the stack includes: finish "Dreamland" by Kevin Baker, finish "Bless the Child", thriller from the plane trip, and then start on "The Historian", new literary vampire novel, "The Mermaid Chair" by the woman who wrote "Secret Life of Bees", and "The Undomestic Goddess", by the Shopoholic chick-lit writer, Sophie Kinsella.

I question how I can possibly squeeze in a job around all this busy-ness. heh heh.


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