Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wheee -- more new yarn!

So Mr. CTK woke up sick today, so I ran errands to get out of the house.

Felt totally virtuous as I picked up drycleaning, bought healthy bread at SemiFreddi's and bought coffee -- so many things off the checklist!

Then I went to Sweet Adeline's and ordered cakes for a party next weekend and hopped over to Michael's and used my 40% off coupon to buy some size 6 needles for Sweet Mary Jane. I also got 2 skeins of baby type yarn to do some charity knitting at an upcoming work "Lunch and Knit".

AND THEN, I took myself off to Stash! on Solano Avenue. Totally beautiful store & I loved the way they had the yarn arranged (stacked so the colors go from dark to light up the shelving). YUM! I got yarn to do 2 of the surprises from Knitty -- the pumpkins and Yorick. I ended up buying a cheaper yarn for Yorick, since it would have cost $40 to do it in Classic Elite Lush. As soon as I asked for Lush, the woman at the store said, "Oh, are you making the skull scarf on Knitty?" ha ha.

Although I swore my stash wouldn't ever grow beyond a project or two out from what I was making, I guess I can confirm that my yarn buying habits are akin to my book buying habits -- can't go into a store without coming away with something!

Thanks to SFK for the tag -- I'm going to answer it tomorrow. Now is time for yarn fondling and matzo ball soup that I bought for Mr. CTK. I also got him some flowers to cheer him up because he is too sick to go out tonight.


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