Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another quickie post

Hello? hello? Is this thing on?

Sitcom Chic progress: I did 12 rounds last night, bringing me past the halfway done point on sleeve 1. (or, 1/4 done if you could all dpn knitting for both sleeves). Can't wait to attach to the body!

Also, earlier this week I got my knitpicks order with the Sweet Mary Jane pattern (100% of proceeds go to breast cancer research!) and the recommended yarn to knit it with in Jewels. The pattern was a tiny bit more complicated than I expected. It will be my first lace project.

Am wondering if I shouldn't try to do a lacy scarf first. But, the cute thing is that you make a sachet bag as your swatch for SMJ, so I can try my technique out there. 4 skeins to wind into center pull balls before I get to that point (plus finishing Sitcom Chic).


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