Thursday, October 27, 2005

we interrupt our regularly scheduled work for yarn therapy

So I found myself bouncing from task to task in the late afternoon today without accomplishing anything, so decided that I needed a break.

Since I am attempting healthy eating habits lately, my normal answer: "Specialties cookie hot from the oven", wasn't going to cut it.

I decided I deserved 1) a quick project to free me from the tedium of sleeves on dpns and 2) a scarf that actually coordinates with a coat that I usually wear some poorly matched color

Answer: Artfibers Celtic in *gorgeous* pink! Had been dreaming about it for several weeks, and figured since I was getting paid on Friday (tomorrow!!!), I could go for it. And I need the size 17 needles to go with it. YAHOO!

Too bad I need to wind the hank into a ball, or I would be tempted to cast on while on BART tonight.

back to your regularly scheduled working....


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