Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Yay -- I picked up my sparkly yesterday -- love it! Photo to come.

Last night we went over to a friend's house in Alameda to help with passing out Halloween candy. I helped with eating some of it too, but those are the perks of the job.

My official job was using my knitting row counter (see, this post *does* contain knitting content!) (really, a tally counter from Staples) to count the number of people we passed out candy to. My similarly A/R friend was *thrilled* with my accuracy as previous years had involved a 3x5 note card and hash marks to keep track.

Here are the stats:

Number of people candy was passed out to: 680 (yes, six hundred and eighty!!) This was over the time period of 5:45pm to 8:45pm.

Best Costume: A kid who came as a whoopie cushion! He was also one of the funnier kids because he was so desparate for a mini bag of Skittles that he dug through his bag for the Heath bar he'd already received to exchange for Skittles.

Honorable mention to his friend that came as a milk carton, and a little boy who came as a bumblebee in a costume that he'd obviously made himself -- a paper grocery bag cut to fit like a vest and colored in like a bee and a mask cut out of more grocery bag with pipe cleaners glued on like antenna.

Most Popular Costume(s): A toss up between A)Batman B)Spiderman and C)the ghost mask guy from 'Scream'

Worst Costume: The teenagers and/or parents who show up with no costume and a plastic bag. I was all for making kids tell me who they were supposed to be in order to procure candy, but my friend was happy to pass out to anyone, and it was her house.

Number of Suspected Repeats: 30-50 people -- though I don't necessarily think it was on purpose as the streets wind around in that neighborhood & it is easy to get confused. However, the house was decorated fairly distinctly.

And that's the report from here.


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