Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In which yarn accompanies me to work

So, I caught back up on my Sitcom Chic sleeve last night. As always happens when I rip back, I am much more pleased with the results than if I forged on with the mistakes.

As a treat for catching up, I knit several more rows on my double seed scarf out of the luscious pink Celtic.

Yesterday I realized that I've fallen into a bad habit of always eating lunch at my desk (my time to catch up on blog reading). But, I really should get away for a bit. Sooooo, today, my sleeve traveled to work with me. I'm going to escape to the lunch room and get some knitting done. I can't knit on BART in the mornings because I generally have to stand and am not coordinated enough to handle dpns while standing.

I usually get a seat in the evening, so will have to see whether or not I feel like I can knit w/out poking my neighbor with my elbows and/or shocking those around me with the funny concentration look I get when knitting. I guess I did knit on BART one day when I was going out to school.

The main reason that I have resisted is not wanting to give up my daily commute reading time, so yesterday I checked out a book on CD from the library to see if I how I like "reading" w/out the tangible of holding a book, turning pages, feeling the heft in my hands, etc. This morning went OK, but I did find my mind wandering, and then would snap back into the story and not know what had just happened. Maybe I should only get books that I've already read?


  • your idea of escape is going to the lunch room? honey.

    By Anonymous sfk, at 10:36 PM  

  • I can't really listen to recorded books, either. I either drift off mentally, or I fall asleep. Go figure.

    By Blogger Kate Christ, at 11:59 AM  

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