Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Really, it's only to be kind

Today I got chicken strips and fries for lunch. It didn't even come with a lettuce leaf lining the box in some sort of semblance of healthyness. 3 strips, big pile 'o fries. At least I had ketchup and mustard so there was some plant based materials involved. (Well, besides the potatoes, which I know come from plants)

At first I told myself that I was only eating the fries to slow myself down from scarfing the chicken strips. Kind of like the fries needed to keep the chicken company. But then the strips were all consumed and I continued eating fries "cause they were still hot". Now all the fries are pretty cold, yet they still sit on my desk looking forlornly at me. Yes, I could shut the box and throw them away, but then I start with the justification.

Potatoes contain potassium. I should eat all those fries because of the *value* they bring my body. While I consume those much-needed vitamins, I could be contemplating my afternoon sugar snacky item. See, I just ate a cold fry just now. And another.

Sigh. At least I ate healthy yesterday for breakfast and lunch. Nevermind that we are going away for the weekend where we will most likely eat out every single meal.
There's an orange sitting at my desk too. Must eat that before buying giant theatre sized box of candy at Walgreen's this afternoon (I really need to buy some safety pins, which is my justification that I'm not just going out for sugar.)

My secret pal has already been shopping for me -- yay! Now I gotta get cracking for my downstream pal!


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