Monday, June 20, 2005

....and we're back

We had a lovely weekend away except it was really cold all day Saturday and we hid out in the cabin all day long. Of course, it warmed up by the time we left yesterday. :(

But, I did get to read the almost-nearly-completely-final draft of a thriller that my friend wrote. It was really good and fun to be able to talk to the author about plot points and such. I offered some opinions (solicited, I wasn't just spouting off), some of which she might use. The other fun part was that I recognized some of the stories from the book as true life things that happened to my friend (like the crazy crack addicted roommate that made her life a living hell for quite a while).

We came home and got Zachary's for dinner to prolong that feeling of being on vacation. God, I love that pizza, even though it is 8 million calories a slice. We always order enough to have some leftover for breakfast/lunch/cold snack eating. MMMMMMM!! And we rented "Star Wars: Episode 2", which really had as many bad performances as we'd heard, but I liked the story and we want to go see Episode 3 on the big screen to maximize special effect experience.

Mr. CTK also wants to go see that new Batman film. I think I am not looking forward to it since Tom and Katie had to fake a romance in order to create hype about both of their movies. But we can see a matinee (and maybe sneak into Episode 3 afterwards -- ha ha ha : rebels without a ticket!!!).

How good could a movie be if you have to fake a romance (or some other such ET newsworthy story) to get people to see it -- just like "9 months" sucked so hard that Hugh Grant needed to have a fake prostitute/arrest incident. Can't you just see the publicists telling him, "OK, wear this shirt for your mug shot & don't wash your hair for three days before you go out trolling for an appropriately tacky lady of the evening to be caught with!"

The really good news of the day is that a friend called & has 2-3 days of project management work for me, which will fill some pre-trip time & get me out of the house & give us some extra $$ for trip expenses. YAY! I get to bill them ridiculous "Consulting" rates. ha ha ha I've given up on trying to find a job before we go, hoping that if I release that idea, I can relax and enjoy this time. I figure there will be plenty of time to stress out in August!


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