Thursday, June 02, 2005

Job Seeking Sucks!!

God, I hate looking for a job. I just want to loll around the house all day instead. Its too much work for too little payoff -- at least on a daily basis. I mean, I know I need to look to have the payoff of a job in the end, but it is frustrating and demoralizing to send out resumes and never hear word one.

Most job seekers have email these days -- could companies not come up with some auto generated email that they send to people who have sent in a resume to say "Thanks, but no thanks"?!?

This is what I get for going to business school somewhere that the career service center is 2 people that are supposed to serve 6000 students. (Yes, really, 6000) But, I do think they are inefficient bureaucrats who do little more than help students find scholarships when they should be out in the business community making connections with people who can find us jobs -- or at least will come to campus for interviews or something.

Granted, it has only been one week since I really and truly started looking for a job, so I am really just whining as an excuse to not have to go back out on the web and look for a job. I did have an interview at a staffing agency today, and the guy at least talked a good game for upcoming opportunities. He should have an executive recruiter on staff by the time I get back from my trip, so maybe something will come of it. I mostly went to get myself out of the house and in front of someone.

Went to Bikram yoga again today. Still hot, still stinky, but I did make it through more of the class than I did yesterday, though I thought the instructor was a little more gung-ho on the Bikram style meanness. I've been taking Iyengar for the past 5-6 years from a woman who's been practicing for over 30 years and teaching for over 20 & her class is *such* a different vibe. Bikram is more like the early 80s aerobic instruction -- push, push, push, go go go. Blegh. But I will continue to go for this month because A) I've paid, and I'm too cheap to not try to get my $$ worth (nevermind the hundreds of $$ I've spent not going to my regular gym this semester. Be quiet little internal mocking voices) and B)because I'm telling myself it will ready me for the oppressive heat that is SE Asia in July.

I must send at least one more resume out today, then I need to work on thank yous, bill paying, practice singing and determine whether I have the energy to go to my regular non-hot yoga class tonight since I haven't been since January. I think it will probably get put off until next Tuesday when I will either skip Bikram, or be more used to the wrung-out-wet-towel post class feeling that's knocking me down right now.

I also am working on the I-cord for Letter Have It, which despite the small number of stitches, feels *quite* tedious to me.


  • Please don't feel bad about not getting a response.

    When I met the man who is now Mr. SFK, he was unemployed, and when I saw how depressed he got at sending out resume after resume with no response whatsoever, I swore that the next time I hired someone, I'd at least send out emails to everyone who applied.

    Next time I had an opening, I got almost a THOUSAND applications. It was just impossible to respond to everyone. Impossible. Unless I had an assistant, which I emphatically do not... sigh.

    Anyway... hang in there and don't let the lack of response depress you too much.

    By Blogger BunnyGull, at 6:30 PM  

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