Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kyoto WIP

Well, I had planned to post the photo of the Kyoto sash part on June 17th and then post another photo of it all magically completed on June 20th.

Ha ha ha! I guess I was a little too ambitious about how much I would get done over the weekend away. Losing myself in my friend's manuscript ate up a lot of knitting time. I'd thought about seeing whether I could knit in the car on the way home w/out wanting to barf, but ended up doing the driving Which is probably better --kept me from getting that cranky feeling when you get closer and closer to home and you are forced to admit that the vacation is really over.

I feel this way getting off of planes as well. And I really hate getting picked up at the airport after a long/cool trip and being asked all about my vacation. Ugh...I want to savor the memories as MINE for a little longer before I give them away to YOU. Plus I am tired and jetlagged and not up for making my vacation sound exciting and interesting at this moment. Wait for the pictures, can't you?!?

Our new camera should be here Tuesday. Hurrah! I turned on old camera today to photo Kyoto & discovered that the fresh batteries that I'd put in last week & gotten about 2 minutes of use out of are *already* dead! I guess my camera must have gotten turned on in my bag. Grrrr. New shiny camera is not only tiny, but also recharges via wall socket, so I don't feel like I am selfishly filling landfills with toxic chemicals just so I can have 8 million cat pictures.


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