Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend Update with Can't Talk Knitting

Thanks to SFK for her kind words. I know, it is tough to respond to everyone that applies (esp. since we are still in economic recovery mode here in the Bay Area).

So...after my Thursday whining, I got up on Friday and sent some resumes and then went to yoga. I actually set my intention for the class to forget about the job search for 90 minutes (not that that really matters, since you are sweating so hard, and the instructor is constantly talking that you have no room in your brain for anything but trying to figure out which foot is your right foot and which is your left).

I am all messed up in this yoga class because the instructor that I've been taking from for the last 5 or 6 years always starts on the left foot & Bikram's classes always start on the right.

Came home to an email from a recruiter (at an agency, not in house, but I'll still take it!) who has an HR job! Woo hoo. I go in to do a preliminary interview (to prove I'm not a crazy person) today...hopefully something will come of it, but even getting out of the house is good for my morale.

In fact, I need to start getting ready to go now, so I'll post more about my weekend later. (I really got to use my identity line this weekend when Mr. CTK was talking to me in the middle of a decrease row -- "I'm counting!")


  • I cannot believe you are doing bikram yoga. Yuck!

    I mean, way to get healthy! Good for you! ;)

    The wine bar at EOS is closing (I've heard through the grapevine) but I do agree w/you that a knitting event is called for. Maybe we should start one, sort of a casual no-stress no-attitude friendly knitter's circle....

    -SF Knitter

    By Blogger BunnyGull, at 8:53 AM  

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