Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yay! Interview! Yay!

I have a phone interview in 27 minutes for a position that should be quite interesting & pay well & get me to where I want to be. Hurrah! I've been having trouble getting in touch with this woman, but we finally spoke this morning.

Max is sitting on my lap for good luck = sweet kitty. No pics because he runs away from the camera because he doesn't like the flash.
Max is very excited for corn on the cob season. He likes to eat it right off the cob. I think I have a pic somewhere that I will have to post.

Am sewing on the second I-cord on the initial bag (TEDIOUS hand sewing) then I just need to sew on the handles and its felting time, baby! I'm very excited. Oh yes, I need to weave in the ends (the second most tedious job in knitting) before felting time.

Yoga today felt hotter than hot. I am still going to try to go to my Iyengar class tonight so I can be super yoga queen of the day. :)


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