Monday, June 06, 2005

More Weekend update

Below are two new pictures -- the beehive hat from SnB nation that I did to practice with circs and dpns. It came out pretty well, except for a few rows when I switched from the circs to dpns & did something so my purls were showing on the outside of the hat as knits and vice versa. I didn't buy the bee buttons, but still like the hat.

The other photo is of my overweight kitty, Frances. At the last vet visit, she was 16.1 pounds. Here she is propping herself in a corner so she can lean over and clean her belly. Forgive the sideways nature of the photo. I am too lame to know how to make it right & Hello is confusing enough to figure out.

More on the weekend: We went out with friends on Friday night -- drove all the way from Oakland out to the Excelsior in SF to "Mom is Cooking" to find that it was closed. :( We suspect it might be a permanent closing as we were there on a Friday night at 7pm and the serapes were drawn across the windows w/no indication of hours.
So we headed to the Mission and ate at La Rondalla & then went to Beauty Bar for a drink. Then went to The Stud to checkout Shadowplay, a club run by a guy who sometimes dj's at a couple of the clubs that my friend S runs. It was pretty empty & we were tired, so we left after one drink.

Saturday we ran around shopping for the SE Asia trip. It was kind of a pain as we visited several travel related stores before going to Target & finding much cheaper "wicking" clothing there for Mr. CTK. He is test driving one of his tee-shirts today & the preliminary report is a feeling of coolness.

Saturday night we went to a friend's birthday -- the theme was "Halloween in June" because our friend is into costumes (as are many of our other friends). Mr. CTK went as Slash from Guns and Roses. I did my last minute costume scramble & went as Madame Zelinka, fortune telling gypsy woman. "Slash" got yelled at in the liquor store for his costume shop cigarette because it looked so real.

Our friends Amy & Kelly played three songs on the musical saw & ukelele. I was so proud to know them! Slash proved his musical prowess by immediately being able to produce sounds out of Amy's saw, Stella.

Yesterday we went to Patagonia to spend a gift certificate on wicking items for me. I am going to try out the underwear at yoga today -- I don't think it will keep me any cooler, but will dry fast after handwashing in hotels.

Then I went to singing lessons, which I have been doing off and on for about a year. I've done two recitals & had less total body shaking (from nervousness, not on purpose) in recital #2. Now I am working on "Cry Me a River", and I need to go practice & study from my HR certification exam book.


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