Thursday, October 06, 2005

A post about knitting idiocy

So I've posted that I finished putting Kyoto together, tried it on, and discovered taht it was a wee bit too tight under the armpits.

After crying on about it, a poster helped me see that I needed to take the sleeves off, rip them back and work in some increases.

Tuesday I took off one sleeve, carefully ripped back so as not to end up with holes in my sleeve, worked in some increases, sewed it back on, and tried it on. Hooray! That worked! I am so great and smart and knitting proficient that I can hardly stand myself.

So then I was sick of seaming, so I put the sweater down. Tuesday evening, while in front of the TV, I took off the "second" sleeve for corrections. I think I was watching a rerun of Friends, so its not like I can blame what's coming on an engrossing show like "Lost" or anything. Then I undid the cast off row, threaded my needles through and put it down again.

On Wednesday, I started ripping back a few rows, and then realized I couldn't remember whether I ended up knitting 6 or 7 rows from where I did the increases. Look at "first" sleeve -- can't find where I increased. Turn "first" sleeve around and around in puzzlement -- how did my increases disappear so completely??

Look at detached sleeve in my hand -- Ohhhhhhh, there's the increases! Yes, folks, I managed to detach the sleeve I'd already fix *and* rip it back a few rows before I discovered what I'd done. DUH!!

So, I decided to rip back until the increase row and change from M1 increases to inc1 and add two more increases as long as I was already an idiot. Sewed that sleeve back on, and then got smart enough to stick a safety pin in it so I couldn't get confused again.

Detached true second sleeve, ripped back, increased, and casted off without incident. Now the last bit of seaming and some weaving in of ends, and I should be all set to wear it. (though I am afraid that I am so sick of this sweater that the wearing isn't so appealing right now).

I did cast on for "Sitcom Chic" last night in Cotton Ease Blueberry for my mom for Christmas. If I don't finish in time, her birthday is in March, (and better cotton sweater weather), so its all good. Later I plan to make one for myself in black, but may have to do a few projects in between.


  • Isn't it amazing when you figure out something and it works? I am a big fan of taking apart things that aren't exactly right. Sometimes that is the only way I learn...I scream...but that is ok.

    I am also making a sweater for a Christmas present. Oh, the time pressure!!!

    By Anonymous Mary, at 9:54 AM  

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