Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Well, Where the H*** have You been?!?

Sigh, it has been many days since I updated my blog, probably losing any regular readers that I might have had out there in cyberspace.

If its any consolation, I've been making up witty posts in my head while I've been away (through no fault of my own -- see story below). Of course, I've forgotten most of them now, so it's not like you're getting any benefit from all that thinking.

So on September 15th, I'm heading out the door for yoga, and my neighbor stops me to ask if I've changed my phone number. She said she got the disconnected message when she tried to call me about how the person delivering the new phone books just threw one set in the yard, when there are two households here. (I love my neighbor to death, but sometimes her rants are a little too motivated out of boredom, or concern for trivia).

Anyway, I assume that she misdialed or something, and go off to yoga and forget all about it.

The next morning I check my email & my dad has sent an email saying that my phone line is down. This takes place about 45 minutes before my new boss is supposed to call me about details for the new job. So I call SBC and find out that my "landlord" -- some name I'd never heard of -- put in a cancellation order because I had "moved" and a new tenant was going to be moving in and getting a new phone line. In the midst of the hour long conversation (thank goodness for cell phones), I find out that the phone cancellation also involves cancellation of our DSL. Supposedly, SBC sent me a letter on the 9th saying if we don't hear from you by September 15th, we're cutting off your phone service. This letter in fact arrives at our house on Saturday the 17th!!!

I was freaking out a bit -- identity theft issues and all that. Fortunately, I already have fraud alerts on all of my credit cards because a UC Berkeley computer was stolen that contained personal data on hundreds of people.

So, the upshot is, my DSL was turned back on on September 28th -- that's the accelerated plan, folks. My days were sad and long without internet service. A friend said "Can't you go to the library or something?" But what you really miss is all of the dinking around you can do when the internet is coming straight into your house. I'm not going to the library to look up some guest star on an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" on, yet I feel perfectly justified doing this in my own home because it only takes a few seconds.

On the brighter side of things, I did a lot of knitting over these weeks. Pictures coming soon.

Mr. CTK and I went to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA last Friday. They have a tour and you get to sample all the newest flavors -- roasted garlic and baked bean, yuck! Mint Trio and Blackberry, yum!

I was also going to post about, friend, yeah, friend who had an ass zit that was so huge you could see the lump when she had on underwear and khakis, but I'm, I mean, she's over that distress, so why talk about ugly ugly things in life like that?!?

What else, dear reader? Oh yes, I called my soon-to-be new boss yesterday because I hadn't received my offer letter, or, more importantly, papers to go to my drug screening. She called this morning and said Fedex showed delivery last Thursday to my front porch. No documents to be found under my doormat or with my neighbors (though I doubted they would hold on to them that long anyway).

So between this, and the phone line thing, I fear I may be coming off as the World's Biggest Flake to soon-to-be new boss. In an effort to make it up to her, I offered to take BART into San Francisco to pick up the necessary paperwork -- especially since I need to get this drug screening done or it could push back my start date. Still waiting (slightly anxiously) for her to call back and let me know if that's possible. Thank goodness I've worked for the company before so I have some stored up credibility with others that work there. Blegh.

I am almost almost done with Kyoto -- I put the whole thing together only to find that the armholes are a wee bit too tight. So, I have to take off both sleeves, add some increases, and resew them, weave in those ends, and I'll be done. I'm disappointed that I still have more work to do, but figure it's better than never wearing the sweater because it is uncomfortable. Thankfully, the way it is constructed I can expand the sleeve holes without having to redo anything on the body of the sweater.


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