Thursday, April 06, 2006

Quick update on Blu

One pant leg of Blu is done!! Even though it is a lot of stockinette stitch, I still enjoyed watching this project appear.

Mr. CTK finally said, "Oh, I get it, the light part is where the cuff is supposed to be turned up."

Full leg shot

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Close up of the Phony Seam, which was pretty fun to do, once I got over the fear of unraveling a stitch all the way down the side of the leg!

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Also, here is the before and 1/2 of the after (for some reason, that photo didn't load correctly, but now I've fixed that through the miracles of editing) of the chair we got recovered. My parents bought this chair early on in their marriage (which hit 43 years in February), so it had sentimental value, but we are also thrilled with how it came out.

Before (old and cat clawed)

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After (beautiful, if 1/2 cut off in photo)-- edited to add correct view of chair!

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