Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Me!

That's right, three years ago since I tied the knot. Hooray! I can't believe it has gone so fast. We mark 9 years together in July. Surprise dinner location tonight -- it is Mr. CTK's turn to plan since we switch off years. Last year was a weekend in Bodega Bay, previous year was a week in Kauai (Hey, I planned both of those trips, so he owes me 2 years!!). This year we agreed on low key since we are trying to save in anticipation of baby expenses. (Though we did get $$ back from both state and fed this year -- note to self: change W-2)

I finished the baby sock's twin last night. They really do go so quickly that I don't know why it took me so long. Pure laziness, I guess. Then I picked up Blu and transferred from my Addi Naturas to Addi Turbos (the yarn was really catching at the join of the Naturas, so I was not enjoying the knitting process that much).

I have yarn to make socks for my grandma's birthday in a very lush pink. I still need to get to my LYS to get some size 0 needles -- am a little afraid since I've read so many stories of teeny needles snapping. I think I could probably control metal needles though, so maybe that would be best.

Sadly, my new love for Lantern Moon is thwarted in this case since they don't go down that tiny.

Then I need to fondle my Malabrigo some more. Do you think if I put it under my pillow, I'll dream of the perfect project? (or will it just act as a cat hair collector?) Supposed to work with wedding cake, though I never understood how that went -- who wants frosting potentially smushed in their pillowcase.

Plans are afoot for baby shower(s)! That is so nice.


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  • I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!!!

    I sent out your last package yesterday, so you should get it in the next few days!

    I hope it finds you happy and healthy.

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