Friday, October 21, 2005

Quick at work post

Ooooo, I'm sneakily posting from work for the first time, just to satisfy Ms. SFK! :) I haven't been posting much because I've actually been pretty busy with work tasks -- and then the last thing I want to do when I get home is to get on the computer.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a very nice day. Even though I am so new at my job that I had no work celebrations. I finally broke down and let people know so I wouldn't get the "why didn't you say something?" down the road.

I left work and did a little shopping (a new shirt from Talbots and a new sweater from Ann Taylor). Then Mr. CTK picked me up and we went to dinner at Le Charm, a little French bistro type place in San Francisco. It was quite romantic -- we had Kir Royals to start off -- yum! Then I had their incredible French Onion Soup, and Duck Confit for my entree and Tarte Tatin for dessert. Delicieux!

Mr. CTK got me a gaw-jus pearl ring with little diamonds on the sides. I'm sure he spent waaaayyyy too much, but I love it too much to feel more than just a tiny bit guilty. (Especially since his birthday present was a humble knitted hat). Had to take it to get it sized, so I don't get to fully enjoy it until 10 days from now. Boo hoo.

I guess I have freak fingers -- he bought a ring that fits my left hand, but not my right. I'll post a pic once I get it back.

Tonight we are going to see The Briefs at The Bottom of the Hill, and then tomorrow we are going to an early Halloween party at a friend's place. I haven't ever seen their apt, but I guess it is pretty tiny, so we may all be squished in like sardines. No big costumes allowed. I'll probably do last minute costume lameness since I've never been all that into getting dressed up for Halloween.

Back to the salt mines!


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  • That sounds like a FANTASTIC birthday!

    French onion soup!

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Madam CTK!
    Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why didn't you say something sooner? ;)

    And I'm so pleased with my newfound power. Next, I would like you to .... hrm.... wow, I'm astonishingly unimaginative.

    And I'd like to say, your spammer is confusing. First, who'd think anyone would want to read about private road construction?

    Second, I had to click on the link -- because I wondered what private road construction entails -- and it's not even about private road construction! It's about some wacko crazy stuff!

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