Monday, October 24, 2005

Web Ring-a-ding-ding

I joined a web ring, so now I truly feel a part of the blogger culture. Except I can't figure out how to log on, so perhaps I should be feeling all kewl and hip so soon.

A little about knitting so I don't get kicked off the web ring before I even get started.

Worked on Sitcom Chic some yesterday. I have finished the body up to the armpits, and am now working on the sleeves w/dpns. UGH! I have so much dpn anxiety that I am going to wind up with big holes from not pulling tight enough at the joins between needles that it takes me quite a while. And when I'm done with this one, I get to do it all over again. I guess I need to keep the end goal in mind.

I'm blogging right now because I am procrastinating on doing some mindless work that I don't really want to do. But, it does fill the time, and I am going to leave a little early today to schlep the booth display for a recruiting night I am going to tomorrow home on BART -- don't want to be on BART with this behemouth (sp?) during rush hour. I only have 1 short flight of stairs to navigate & then I should be home free.

The best news is that this Friday is MY FIRST PAY DAY! Woo Hoo! I haven't received a real regular paycheck since last summer and that was only for a 3 month internship. Really, I haven't had a real paycheck since August 2003! But them student loans is all tax-free, so I can't complain too much.

ok. on to folder stuffing, even though I am missing one of the pieces I need.


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