Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bad Blogger, Good Knitter

What a bad blogger I have been this week. Work was a little nut-so and people were coming into my cube unexpectedly, so I didn't feel like I could risk being caught blogging while there.

However, I have been a very good knitter. I finished sleeve number 2 for sitcom chic yesterday, then progressed through the eyelet rows. Now I just have some rows of boring stockinette with only the decreases to keep me from getting bored out of my gourd.

Friday was the first Lunch and Knit at work. I made a toddler's hat on Thursday night (goes so quickly when using chunky yarn and 10.5 needles!) that received oooos and ahhhs on Friday. Then I completed most of a baby hat in the same pink chenille-esque yarn -- finished that up on Saturday. I was holding my breath that I would be able to get two hats out of one skein. Really didn't want to have to buy more for the last few rounds, but I made it.

Then I knit like a fool for most of the rest of Saturday -- catching up on TiVo backlog.

I kept fondling the yarn I bought for Yorick, but did not allow myself to cast on. I want to try to do 1 or 2 more baby hats since our Community Relations department will take them to a parenting class for homeless women on November 16th. I have some aqua blue yarn that should be good for either boys or girls & should go as quickly as the pink chenille stuff.

Off for a walk to make up for the couch potato-ness of yesterday.


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