Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Business Trip

I'm leaving on a 3 day business trip today, so am working from home before my flight. And by "working from home", I mean answering a few emails but mostly catching up on my blog reading. The last two days at work were NUTS -- it was good that I brought lunch yesterday because I scarfed it down while I typed an email one-handed. Not such a good policy because I believe you should take a break during your day, but I was hoping not to have to stay too late since I'm leaving Mr. CTK for 3 days & he's going to the symphony with my mom on Friday night.

Knitting update: I got this *gorgeous* aqua color Rowan wool/cotton for the baby hat. Did the whole hat on #5s and then decided the decreased looked really wonky, so I ripped it all back and started over on #7s. Consequently, it was not done in time for the baby shower last Friday, but I will mail it to the mom next week. I'm taking it and a book on tape on the plane, so should get a lot done on this trip. Didn't do any knitting over the weekend -- just haven't been in the mood for it lately. Not sure why, because I enjoy it when I pick it up.

While at LYS, I also found the yarn for Blu from Knitty, so *had* to indulge, even though I forgot the American Express gift card that I had earmarked to buy the denim yarn. I figure if I use the gift card for necessities like groceries, it will all be balanced out. :)

Finished shopping round 1 for my secret pal downstream, so just need to get to the PO to mail things off.


  • hey! I'm leaving for a 3-day business trip today! Where you going? I'm going to LA.

    By Anonymous SFK, at 3:36 PM  

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