Saturday, April 08, 2006

And finally,...Secret Pal package photos

Here they are, and once again you can see I'm super spoiled.

First two books for me: Debbie Bliss Knitting for Babies (lots of fun ideas here) and The Yarn Harlot's meditations, which is sitting on my coffee table and making me laugh out loud *everytime* I pick it up! Now I'm bound to go find her other books.

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Then, 2 books for baby (whee! another book-aholic in the making), some gummy worms (being rapidly consumed as I type), and some new knitting needles!!

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And I got some gorgeous pale green yarn and some yummy foot soaks for when my ankles turn into tree trunks. (And what better way to spend the foot soak time than by knitting?!?)

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More yarn -- some soft fuzzy colors that I think would make a great baby blanket. Right now I'm thinking 3 wide strips, but maybe I'll get a little more adventuresome since the fuzziness will likely induce garter stitch.

Also, a skein of brown 100% silk yarn that's all for mommy. I'm thinking some sort of delicate little scarf.

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Finally, gorgeous stitch markers (currently in use on socks for my grandma)! There were more than this (but I thought the detail would show better in the photo if I just showed a sampling), all different, and made just for me. Wowoowow! I've never had fancy stitch markers, so these are really fun.

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And just to show that I am not the only one in the house that enjoys the packages:

Max really liked the tissue in the box

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Apologies for the varying sizes of photos -- I was experimenting with what works best on the blog when I reduce them on Photobucket.

Thanks a million to my brilliant secret pal!! Come tell me who you are now. :)


  • I am so glad that you liked your packages. I was hoping that everything would be to your liking.

    I see that your cat and ours are very similar in the fact that they like the crinkaly packing paper. LOL Ours does the same thing with laying on it. What's up with that???

    I hope you have a Happy Easter!! And the baby to be is growing well.

    Your not so Secret - Secret Pal
    Tonia :)

    By Blogger ~Tonia~, at 7:52 PM  

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  • You must have had the baby? How are you?

    By Anonymous sfk, at 1:22 PM  

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