Thursday, November 17, 2005

In which I was ready to save you from the tedium of type

I woke up early this morning (before my alarm, which *never* happens), so I got up and downloaded a bunch of photos from my computer. Alas, Hello did not seem to be working, so I wasn't able to get any of them onto the ol' blog.

So its more reading for you, dear reader, and more typing while looking over my shoulder at work for me.

Two things went horribly wrong with Sitcom Chic last night:

One funky stitch that I tried to purposely drop off the needles to reconfigure correctly ended up in such a big mess that I'm stumped on how to fix it. Will probably have to rip back 5 rows -- scary! I have to make sure I move the stitch markers back accordingly so my decreases will end up coming out OK. And I was one row from starting the neck shaping (read: the beginning of the end grrrr! :(

Then, for some reason, I counted my stitches on the left and right fronts.

Right: 30 or so
Left: 25

GAAAAHHHHHH! I have no idea how or where that happened! I counted the left side as I joined the sleeves, but probably didn't count the right side, since I just finished purling that row. So the mistake could be wayyyyy back in the body of the sweater. I think I am going to tuck in 2 extra decreases on the right side, since I have to rip back anyway, figuring that will balance the sides enough that noone will ever notice. But 5 stitches is about an inch difference, which I think could show. Advice welcome...


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