Friday, November 18, 2005

Ribbit, Ribbit

Just discovered that I'd made even bigger mistakes in Sitcom Chic than mentioned below, so will be ripping back quite a bit more than I originally anticipated. Wah!

At least Mr. CTK has to work tomorrow, so I'll have a quiet house in which to knit away. Return of the King is probably coming out for this one -- a nice long movie. I heart my TiVo, but it is distracting to have to put down the knitting to FF through the commercials (though it is probably a good hand break).

In other knitting news, I decided that I couldn't deal with SC last night, so cast on for Yorrick! What a fun pattern -- well, that's probably because all of the shaping happens in the first 40 rows. I have some funny holes, so am debating whether felting will fix them or if I should rip back and see if I can do a little better on a second attempt. The pictures on knitty look like the two skulls felted a little differently though, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it.

Still no photos -- Hello didn't work *again* when I tried it last night. :(


  • I just ripped out half a scarf because I just wasn't happy with it.

    I'm having a terrible evening. No food, no car to get food, no decent delivery available, I'm out of diet coke.

    The parents have food at their place next door, but they're asleep now. Heh. I'm not going to call and wake them up. "Hey! I'm hungry!"

    Instead, I've come to your blog to complain. And to see if you've announced your "secret" yet.

    By Anonymous SF Knitter, at 6:14 PM  

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