Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What a bad blogger I am!

How can I expect anyone to pay attention to hang on my every blog word if I only update once a week or less?!?

I'm not quite sure where last week went. I took Wednesday off work, and then rolled into Thanksgiving, ate too much, and then had the annual tamale fest with friends on Sunday (and ate too much again).

On the knitting side of things, I finished the main part of Sitcom Chic on Monday night!!!

Now I need to sew the armpits, do the neck and front edge borders and find a button I like for the closure. Wheeeee!

Alas, poor Yorick is getting neglected. I'm in that boring stockinette phase, and even though it does go reasonably quick, it is uninspiring. But, I only have a few more inches before I can put side 1 on stitch holders and attempt the other skull. I can't wait to felt it to see if it came out OK. I figure that felting will disappear all of the mistakes I think I see right now and everything will be happy and cozy. Mr. CTK has already asked if he can wear it sometimes.

I also want to knit up a big swatch of the green Cascade leftover from the bag I made my niece. Then I can cut out holly leaves, sew on some mini red buttons and make a holly pin to wear on Yorick for the holidays. If they come out really well, I could do some more for Community Relations here at work. They do holiday goodie bags for senior citizens. All the fashionable ladies could wear my wonky holly pins. I'd have to find a clasp that is easy to manipulate.


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