Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Picture hosting

So I added some pictures -- cat pictures, what else? So below we have Max and Frances looking like conjoined twin kitties -- she will nap on top of him any chance she gets. I'm not sure how he puts up with it, because she's 16 pounds of healthy kitty love.

The next picture is one of my all time favorites. Max likes to crawl into the waistband of my jeans or pajamas and nap inside them. On this day, he'd crawled into the leg of the jeans and was peeping out the knee hole at me. (well, maybe his crazy cat photo taking mother arranged the jeans just a wee bit to enhance the cuteness of the photo)

Finally, we have Miss Frances, mid-sentence. It looks like I am squeezing the life out of her, but she was really just jabbering a bit. Both of our cats are chatters -- Max mostly when I come home and he feels that he deserves some attention for being abandoned for so long. Frances talks when she is hungry (which is pretty much all of the time, according to her) and, (gross cat details coming up....) oddly, when she comes out of the catbox after pooping. She has this particular yowl that always means the same thing.

OK, so I went to the knitting group last night, and had fun. The one person that I knew in the group did not attend, but it was fun to get to meet other knitters. I worked on "Letter have it" from SnB Nation, which I am making for my niece's 6th birthday. I am debating whether I should redo the panel with the initial on it, as it was my first attempt at changing colors in rows and I think I didn't twist the yarn correctly (didn't allow enough slack) in some places. Since it gets felted, though, I'm wondering my mistakes will disappear or become worse.

Was over visiting Crazy Aunt Purl this morning & she has decided to abandon her wine and chip diet a little. I got on the scale this morning & realized that I need to get off my ass too. While I have been exercising in the last few months on a fairly regular basis, I seem to think that exercise allows me to eat more, which is fine, if you want to maintain your weight, but I would like to shed about 10 pounds.

Two reasons:
We are going to SE Asia in 35 days, and it will be hot as blazes there (its always fun when you read the weather reports and it says things like "107 degrees, but feels like 115 degrees with the humidity!!) and I'd like to be dragging around less poundage.

We hope to get pregnant this fall and I have this need to go into pregnancy weighing less so I feel better about baby weight gain. Which is silly, but there it is. Unfortunately, my husband is/has always been a skinny person who can eat anything and not gain weight. (Grrrr. Maybe he can carry the baby!) So he's not much help when it comes to avoiding bad foods and such.

(commence whine)I may need to join E-diets again to keep myself on a healthy food plan -- my biggest enemy is going out to eat because I tend to eat much more at a restaurant. I also feel like if I am paying for restaurant food, I want to choose whatever I want from the menu & not pay $10 for a salad because its the one "healthy" thing on the menu. My cash is reserved for a burrito with lots of guacamole and cheese, thank you very much.

Tomorrow I am going to sign up for Funky Door Yoga's $29 unlimited classes for one month deal. This is they type of yoga where they crank up the heat to some ungodly degree because one's muscles get relaxed and flowy) It will be hot and stinky (and friends have told me that you get a little too up close and personal with strangers because of how little people wear, if you know what I mean) and I will probably hate it. But I can come here and comment & it will be good conditioning for SE Asia. I can also finally get back to my yoga class at my gym -- this semester I had night classes on Tues and Thur nights, so couldn't go at all.

Trip Itinerary:
Fly into Bangkok
go to Luang Prabang, Lao for 3 days
back to Bangkok for 2 days
Siem Riep for 5 days
Phnom Penh for 1.5 days
Hue, Vietnam for 2.5 days
Hanoi for 4 days
Icky red-eye from Hanoi to Seoul and then 12 hour layover -- eeeewww! But, thanks to my friend's generosity with frequent flyer miles, we are traveling in business class for all of the segments but Hanoi to Seoul.

SF Knitter -- After last night's experience I would be up for going to a SnB, as it was fun and nobody was mean, but it only happens once every 4-6 weeks.

Chatterbox Kitty -- no, its not because I'm squeezing her too hard.

I'm looking at you.

conjoined twin kitties

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Yee-Haw! Done with MBA

I finished my MBA degree this week & watched the season finale of Lost -- can't decide which got me more excited. Now I can take the month of June to knit & read & get ready to go to SE Asia for three weeks in July.

Oh yeah, and look for a job -- drag-o-rama. Hopefully I can find something before I leave so I can start in August when we get back.

Monday night I am going to my first group knitting gathering. I know only one person attending, but she is adorable, so I'm sure she knows other fun people. It will be in a fancy lingerie shop, but I must resist shopping!

OK, see, after one beer, I sorta zone out and can't remember all of the witty things I thought of to put in my blog over the last few days. Better luck next posting.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

My First Post!

OK, so now I've done it. Created a blog that I'm sure will be a lovely bit of time waste for me.

I'd resisted until now, but realized that I used a precursor to blogging way back in college (in the olden days -- like when you had to be a true computer geek to know how to send email beyond the campus system. We called it the VAX back then) Everyone had a "plan" in those days, which I used mostly to post my comments on the latest episode of 90210 and to send secret messages to friends and people I hoped were reading my plan (read: crushes).

There was a big brouhaha on campus once when someone posted a list of people he named "Top 10 Losers at ____ College". He had to go to JudCo and everything over it. I think they deleted his ability to post to his plan (oooh, the power of JudCo) and he had to apologize to the people he named.

I knit
I read
I pet my cats
I look for jobs
I cry about how stinky it is looking for jobs
I live in the Bay Area
I (will) check obsessively to see if anyone wrote a comment about my posts.