Friday, December 30, 2005

Confession Time:

I have nothing on the needles!

I just haven't been inspired to pick up any of the projects I've got in the backlog. I know it will happen, but lately I've been too tired post-holidays to contemplate looking at a pattern or doing much of anything more than vegetating in front of reruns of "The Surreal Life". Quality time indeed.

I think I will cast on for the Knitty pumpkins next. I can do a segment at a time & still feel like I can get something else going. I will hate all of the seaming involved, but really want the finished product, so there it is.

OK, back to work.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sitcom Chic -- almost done!

2nd view of sitcom chic. The color is a little darker than it appears here. Just needs some pressing and a button!

wee winter hat. I just happened to be wearing a green shirt when I took this photo. See how you can't even tell the top wasn't supposed to be like that?

Hee-Ah! Take that, Christmas!

Bought my last gift today, started mailing Christmas cards & mailed off the one present I need to mail.

We send a gift to Mr. CTK's niece. Not his sister or BIL. That's fine by me, since that is the way it evolved. (Niece probably wouldn't get anything unless I initiated the gift buying process.) For a while they didn't send us anything. Now we get Harry and David corporate fruit gifts. I adore his sister, but her gift selection skills are kind of odd. Even Mr. CTK thinks so. I guess she is giving us something that she would be happy to receive.

But let me just say, thank heavens for corporate FedEx rates!! I got 2 day FedEx shipping for less than $7 and no cursed post office lines to stand in. Our mailroom lets you write a personal check & send out whatever you want using the corporate rates.

Washed my mom's Sitcom Chic last night. Just a few more ends to weave in & then steaming of the front edges to determine whether I need to sew on ribbon, adding of the button loop and button.

I finished a little hat for a friend's baby too. It came out really cute -- one of those mistakes (running out of yarn) that was resolved with creative stash usage. And it gave me an excuse to buy a pompom maker (aside: why is it sometimes spelled pom-poN??) Photos soon.

Now I gotta figure out what project to start next - the Knitty surprise pumpkins, or Sweet Mary Jane from Knitpicks. Of course, the SMJ would give me the need to finally use my fancy new swift and ball winder, so that will probably win out!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hooray -- camera all better!

We finally took our teeny tiny camera to a repair shop after breaking it in Vietnam. Nikon told us the repair estimate was A)not covered under warranty and B) would cost us over $200, when we only spent $300 on the thing.

I told Mr. CTK that I wanted a new camera for Christmas, which finally motivated him to take ours to a repair shop. It took him a while to figure out, but we got the call yesterday that it is done! And, his estimate was a little over $100, which is a little easier to stomach.

Downloading is so much easier than w/my old digital, so unless I get lazy, my blog photo content should soar over the next coming weeks.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another fun FO. Can't wait for next October.

Look at that! A whole mess of pictures

There's all the stuff I'd been wanting to share since Hello went down.

One more FO coming -- a photo of Yorick!

Then rumbly tummies must be satisfied...hurry up computer!

Tomato soup sounds good tonight. Maybe with some of those little fresh mozzarella balls that I bought for my floor potluck melting away in the mug. MMMMMMM!

long overdue shot of birthday sparkly!

Stuff on my Cat? He prefers to sit on me!

yarn for Baby's First Tattoo

Tom Swift! Please ignore messy messy desk behind

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yorick, felted, Sitcom Chic, progress!

Yorick is drying out as we speak -- it was a rough couple of days ;). I threw caution to the wind and felted it all in the washing machine as I couldn't face the hand felting portion. I am happy with the way he came out -- photos coming soon.

Sitcom Chic was also progressed upon. I picked up and knit the two side borders, which was quite easy, considering how I'd been stalling around on it. So, tonight I will try to finish the neck border and the evil underarm seams (where mistakes will need to be corrected as best as possible). Then a wash, a blocking and a purchasing of the correct size crochet hook and a cool button. I also have two little holes in the left front panel, so I am going to untwist a bit of yarn & sew them up with 1-ply.

Oh, and I have to sew in my custom label.

In the post that was lost, I told you how I swatched for baby's first tattoo, which will be done w/out tattoos. I used Art Fibers yarn in a pretty (and I think, unisex) green and the border will be in brown. It is of course, handwash, so I'm sure the intended recipient will barf all over it 5 minutes after it is first put on. Anyway, I washed the swatch so I can check gauge one last time before casting on.

We got our Christmas tree on Sunday! Hopefully, Mr. CTK will have put the lights on, so we can decorate tonight. We have new ornaments from our SEA trip this year, and an earlier trip to Disneyland (in January). On our honeymoon, we started a tradition of getting ourselves ornaments from the trips we take together. Makes a nice souvenier & you can usually find something that works. Our Vietnam ornament is actually a pendant necklace, but I am going to swap out the cord for something shorter.

My final bit of news: I signed up for Secret Pal Seven today, and even successfully installed the button on the first try!! Check it out below.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Just checking out a tip

Look -- an actual photo on my site. Maybe now I can upload some FOs. Though the problems with Hello might actually be resolved by now, I haven't checked since I was so annoyed with them.

GAH! Just lost an entire long post

Now I'm too grumpy to write all that again! Stupid girl.