Friday, February 17, 2006

Closing the Toe!!

Hooray -- I started the decreases for the toe of my first sock last night.

SP, I *am* loving the Lantern Moon needles. I need to go get some in size 3 to try the baby socks. I still have an American Express gift card that I won in December so I don't even have to feel guilty. It might even cover another set of Addi Turbos for me.

I have two knitting groups next week, so should make good progress on sock 2 of the pair.

Poor Blu is feeling neglected, but I promise to get back to the little baby jeans just as soon as I get over the sock fixation. I don't really like the needles I'm using, so perhaps the above mentioned Addi's could be bought in the appropriate size.

I need to get on with a more comprehensive catalog of my needles as I forget what I have, and only have that little chart in Stitch and Bitch marked up, but that doesn't leave space for writing in brands so I know where I've splurged and where I've gotten whatever Michael's had in stock in the size I needed because I could use one of those 40% off coupons.

Tonight we are seeing friends that used to live in San Diego, but moved to Chicago. They have a little girl that we haven't met yet, so I'm looking forward to it. We get to tell them in person about the baby because my email to them bounced back, and then Mr. CTK got a note saying they were coming to town, so we decided to wait. It is waaaayyyy more fun that way.

Tomorrow we drop of our old chair to be reupholstered. I am so excited -- costing us way more than it would be to buy a new chair, but this one is one that my parents bought in their early marriage, so it has sentimental value. I'll have to cover it in tinfoil for the first couple of weeks so that the cats learn not to claw it.

The belly is stretching and swelling, but I have felt some somersaults this week for sure, so that was weird and exciting all at the same time.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Booty Photos!

Git yer mind outta the gutter. I'm talking about booty from my secret pal!

Check out all this cool stuff. Two sock patterns, Lantern Moon needles to make socks, THREE different kinds of sock yarn, Belly Laughs, chocolate, a cool beaded bookmark and some yummy raspberry mint bath products. Wowee! I think I've put most everything in use already!!

See, here's what I did on Saturday morning.

And here's where I was on Sunday night - hoo-ha! The heel is turned!!

And here's my other WIP -- the first cuff of Blu. I'm loving doing this pattern -- not because it is so interesting, but because I am excited for the results. It isn't very portable though, since the dark yarn really does turn your fingers Blu!

Back to the socks!

Thank you, Secret Pal!

Wheeee! I got my package on Friday, and took photos of all my booty, but Mr. CTK was doing computer upgrades, so the photos will have to come tonight.

Suffice to say that I am a very happy camper, and am almost done with 1 adult sock!!

back to the salt mines.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blog Slacker

Mostly cause I have been so busy at work. I've also been a knit slacker, but I want to cast on for Blu this weekend.

I told my boss yesterday and my boss' boss today & got warm and fuzzy responses from both. HOORAY! Now I can start spreading the word. My boss' boss said she didn't even think I looked pg at all because I wasn't carrying any extra weight. HA! I've gained 10 pounds and have been feeling rather flabby, so that was nice to hear.

It is raining today & I have no umbrella because I *sat* on my new expensive 2 month old one last Friday and snapped the handle. GAH! I choose to believe it was cheaply made and I hit it at the wrong angle rather than being caused by my expanding girth. Stupid thing! I'm still so mad that I am obstinately walking around in the rain w/out one because I can't bring myself to lay out $$ for a new one.

I called my credit card company but apparently loss protection does not cover human stupidity despite that damn commercial where the guy in the convertible drives into a tunnel and rips the head off his stuffed giraffe!!

Aside to SFK: Work has blocked feminista (though I can still get to blogger, go figure), so I haven't been commenting because of that, not because I don't love you anymore. :)